Bundle of Thoughts

Candle, 8 oz body oil , A bath salt, a complimentary bath time scrunchie (random color), wooden spoon, bath gloves, and 1 muslin bags

Bundle of Thoughts

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When we take a moment to look at the overview of our day, we tend to harness on all the negatives that occur, but why don’t we attempt to eliminate those thoughts before the end of the day. I say, it’s because there is nothing like a perfect spa day to bring you back to your original state of mind and that is why we created A State of Mind Brand bundle as a way to ease your brain.

The muslin bags are great for aiding in the cleanup process of the botanical placed in the bath milk or salts. Simply, fill up the bag and then place it into the tub will eliminate the need for a difficult clean up.

 Thoughts of You has broken the botanicals into the small pieces possible, but I understand that some people may not enjoy things floating in the water. I hope you enjoy your purchase and have curated this to box feed your mind, body & soul. 

Boxes to Choose From

  • Rose Awareness Body Oil, Confessions Botanical Bath Soak, & Rose to The Occasion Candle
  • Calendula Regard Body Oil, Eucalyptus Bath Soak, & Sea Perception Candle
  • Lavender Conclusion, A Fantasy of Lavender, & Lavender Awareness Candle

Materials & Benefits

Beneficial for the full day spa experience for both women and men.

Box Includes

- 8 Oz candle,

- 8 oz. Body Oil

- Bath Soak Bag

- Bath time scrunchie (random color)

- Exfoliating gloves

- Two muslin bags