A Fantasy Of Lavender : Botanical Bath Soak

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A Fantasy Of Lavender : Botanical Bath Soak

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Your mind is tired from the spinning wheel you call your day. It is calling to you to eliminate the rapid thoughts that tend to pull you away from a mental break. Take this time, to inhale lavender, and exhale positivity, in order to relieve your brain from mental strain.  


Pour in 1 cup of bath salt blend into a tub full of running warm water.

Soak into the tub for 20 minutes maximum and enjoy your personal aromatherapy sauna.

Only use bath soak once or twice per week.


a.  Decreases stress levels and increases emotional health

b.  Relieves skin inflammation and irritations

c.  Aids in diminishing muscle soreness and tension

d.  Allows for better breathing as essential oils induce relaxation though each inhale

 For additional benefits check the benefits tab located in About Page

Materials & Benefits

o Chamomile

    § Reduces muscles and joint pains

    § Reduces dark circle around eyes

    § Improves the tone and texture of skin

o Lavender

    § Aids in migraines and headaches

    § Sudorific (produces detoxifying sweat)

    § Moisturizes dry skin

o Sea Salt

    § Reduces puffiness underneath eyes

    § Purifies pores

    § Aids in osteoarthritis (the tear down of flexible tissues at the end of bones)

o Epsom Salt

    § Its magnesium levels allow for inducing sleep and reducing stress

    § Reduces body ailments

    § Exfoliates dead skin

o Baking Soda

   § Boost circulation

   § Soothes and heals eczema

   § Contains cleansing and detoxifying properties

o Coconut Oil

   § Hydrates and softens skin

   § Helps eliminate dark circles

   § Repairs the damaged skin on cracked heels of feet

o Lavender essential Oil

   § Antispasmodic (suppresses muscle spasms)

   § Ease’s migraines and headaches

  § Promotes sleep

Shelf life: 3-4 months if kept closed tightly in container


If pregnant or nursing, please consult your primary physician before use, to ensure your safety, as it is important to us that you are not harmed in any way possible.

Stop use if you experience:

· Itchy Skin

· Allergic reaction

· Skin Infection