Eucalyptus Slumber : Botanical Bath Soak

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Eucalyptus Slumber : Botanical Bath Soak

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Drifting into the abyss of Eucalyptus, your body thanks you and your mind is at ease. With this bath soak, may your bath bring you peace and melt away all your troubles.

Perfect for...

  • Self-care holiday gifts for both Men & Women
  • Personal Spa days
  • Natural Aromatherapy that is an alternative to pharmaceutical medication


Pour in 1 cup of bath salt blend into a tub full of running warm water.

Soak into the tub for 20 minutes maximum and enjoy your personal aromatherapy sauna.

Only use bath soak once or twice per week.

Benefits include...

a.  Decreases stress levels and increases emotional health

b.  Relieves skin inflammation and irritations

c.  Aids in diminishing muscle soreness and tension

d.  Allows for better breathing as essential oils induce relaxation though each inhale

For additional benefits check the benefits tab located in About Page

Materials & Benefits

Epsom Salt - Reduces body ailments & exfoliates dead skin

Dead Sea Salt - Reduces the aging process and revitalizes cells

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Disinfectant for topical infections and wounds

Baking Soda - Boost circulation while soothing and healing eczema

Corn Flower - Used to treat ailments such as body pains and tissue inflammation  

Coconut Oil - Enhances skin health by treating inflammation of the skin like acne


Shelf life: 3-4 months if kept closed tightly in container  


If pregnant or nursing, please consult your primary physician before use, to ensure your safety, as it is important to us that you are not harmed in any way possible.

Stop use if you experience:

· Itchy skin

· Allergic reaction

· Skin infection