Calendula Regard Body Oil

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Calendula Regard Body Oil

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Take into consideration the smile that you bring out in those around you. You bring complete prosperity and your soul glistens through your skin. With a combination of this sweet calendula infused oil and yourself, your essence will shine even brighter.


Spray on skin or hands, and gently massage into skin when needed.


· Improves the quality of skin by tightening, plumping, and reducing fine lines

· Alternative for sun screen

· Slows down the development of wrinkles

Materials & Benefits

§ Calendula:

      · Reduces scarring from previous wounds

      · Anti-inflammatory

§ Sweet Almond Oil

      · Reduces under circles

      · A rich source of Vitamin E

      · Great for cleansing pores

§ Argan Oil

      · Moisturizes dry and cracked skin/lips

      · Reduces joint pain

§ Sunflower Oil

     · High in vitamin E (aids in rapid healing of the skin or hair)

      · Helps diminish dark spots and acne marks

      · Protects skin against damage from aging or from the sun

§ Coconut Oil

       · Calms down temporary redness

       · Moisturizes dry skin