Discover Thoughts of You : Wax Melt Edition

Discover the greatness of Thoughts of You Co.

Discover Thoughts of You : Wax Melt Edition

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The scariest thing about buying from an online company is not knowing exactly what all their products smell like, and that's why a company discovery set allows you to discover the wide range of high-quality scents without committing to a full-sized candle.

Each year the discovery sets contain all scents produced in candle form.

Perfect for...

  • Self-care holiday gifts for both Men & Women
  • Personal Spa days
  • Natural Aromatherapy that is an alternative to pharmaceutical medication

Available: 9 scent pack, with 2 pieces of wax per scent

Scents Include:

  • Revived by Cotton
  • Sea Perception
  • The Theory of Cinnamon
  • Rose to The Occasion
  • Lavender Approach
  • School of Flowers
  • Coffee Daydream
  • Reminder of The Pine
  • Cocoa Butter Delight


Place 1 or 2 pieces into an electric wax warmer, pluggable fragrance wax warmer, or tea light wax warmer.

Allow the wax melt to burn for 3-4 hrs max, depending on the wax warmer

Once finished, turn off wax warmer or blow out tea light candle underneath the wax warmer.

Remove the wax melt from the warmer with a cotton swab or napkin to prepare for the next scent you choose for the day


- Do not leave melting wax unattended

- Keep out of reach of children and pets

- Do not add water or other substances into the wax while in the wax warmer

- Place wax warmer on a stable flat surface. Please do not move it while the still lit or wax is hot.

Materials & Benefits

Benefits include...

  • Wax melts infusing your space with scents that can uplift, relax, or invigorate, allowing you to craft an environment that supports your emotional and mental state.
  • Economical choice unlike traditional candles
  • Enjoyment of the enchanting allure of a flickering candle without the open flame

Wax: 100% Natural Soy Wax

  · Vegan friendly & have not been tested on any animals

  · Burns longer than the average wax

   · Holds fragrance load - allowing for long lasting scents in a room

Burning Time: 30 hrs

Weight: 6.3 oz

Packaging: Resealable Poly Bags

Phthalate and Reproductive Toxin Free