Mindful in Fall Brand Bundle

A curated self care box for Men and Women

Mindful in Fall Brand Bundle

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When we take a moment to look at the overview of our day, we tend to harness all the negatives that occur, but why don’t we attempt to eliminate those thoughts before the end of the day. I say, it’s because there is nothing like a perfect spa day to bring you back to your original state of mind and that is why we created A State of Mind Brand bundle as a way to ease your brain.

 Perfect for...

  • Self-care holiday gifts for both Men & Women
  • Personal Spa days
  • Natural Aromatherapy that is an alternative to pharmaceutical medication

Box Includes:

-4oz Candle Butter Cream Delight

-8oz Body Oil Calendula Regard

-8 oz. Botanical Bath Salt Blend Creme de la Creme of Orange & Spice

-A complimentary bath time scrunchie (random color)

-Bath gloves

-2 Muslin bags.


Pour a cup of the bath salt blends into a tub full of running warm water.

Light the candle and place it close by to enjoy the aromatherapy

Soak into the tub for 20 minutes maximum and enjoy your personal aromatherapy sauna.

Lastly, massage the botanical boy oil blend into your skin while it is still damp

*Only use bath soak once or twice per week. 

Materials & Benefits

Benefits Include..

  • Creating a sanctuary of serenity where screens and distractions have no place.
  • Hand crafted with the environment in mind, using sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients that align with your commitment to a greener lifestyle.
  • Letting go of toxins and tension as you soak in the detoxifying minerals

Furthermore, the muslin bags are great for aiding in the cleanup process of the botanicals placed in the bath milk or salts. Simply, filling up the bag and then placing it into the tub will eliminate the need for a difficult clean up.


If pregnant or nursing, please consult your primary physician before use, to ensure your safety, as it is important to us that you are not harmed in any way possible.

Stop use if you experience:

· Itchy skin

· Allergic reaction

· Skin infection