Exfoiliating Bath Gloves

Exfoiliating Bath Gloves

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This bath time tool will change your life as soon as you use it. Exfoliating gloves are best known for gently exfoliating the skin by preventing ingrown hairs, removing dead skin cells, and creating a radiant glow.

You will see a total difference within your skin as you consistently use it in your selfcare regimen.

Materials & Benefits

Measurements: 7.48 inch x 5.9 inch (190 mm x 150 mm)

Material: Polyester

Packaging: 1 Glove Per Polybag

Benefits include...

- Improves the appearance of dry skin by revealing brighter & smoother skin after each use

- Absorbs excess body scrubs, lotions, or odors from the skin

- Improves blood circulation

- Generates new skin cells by eliminating clogged pores


Hop in a warm shower & let your skin soften up underneath the water, as the steam will start to loosen up the dead skin's cells on your body.

Place gloves on to your hands, wet the gloves, and get your favorite soap bar & create a lather of soap.

Exfoliate from head to toe and rinse off gloves underneath the water once done.

Make sure to lead up with cold shower to close up all your pores before hopping out the shower.

*Throw away gloves once the texture of the glove is no longer coarse