Rose Awareness Body Oil

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Rose Awareness Body Oil

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Become aware of the moisturizing love of 3 infused carrier oils and the beauty of rose petals. As you leave the tub, or prepare for the day, apply this body oil as a token to the beauty that surrounds you and that is within you, that you may not be aware of.


Spray on skin or hands, and gently massage into skin when needed.


· Considered to be an aphrodisiac and can increase one’s arousal

· Effectively regenerates skin tone (hyperpigmentation) and aids in the aging process

· Relieves irritation of the skin

Materials & Benefits

§ Red Rose Petals:

   · A rich source of Vitamin C, E, and A

   · Mood enhancer

   · Reduces Inflammation

§ Almond oil:

    · Anti-inflammatory

    · Soothing for dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin

§ Grapeseed oil

    · Cleanses the skin while softening it

    · Reduces the aging of skin

§ Rosemary essential oil

    · Rubefacient (Dilates & opens capillaries, improving circulation to skin &extremities)

    · Immune booster

§ Apricot oil

   · A rich source of Vitamin E and K

    · Protects the skin against dehydration