Wooden Spoon

You can never have enough self-care spoons!

Wooden Spoon

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Need an extra facial spoon? or have you lost your favorite bath soak scooper? Well, this charming natural wooden scoop is here you to perfectly dose out bath salts, body scrubs, facial mask, and more when needed.

Get as many as you like, and never be without your favorite spoon.

Materials & Benefits

Benefits include...

- Easy to use & store into cabinet space

- Multi-use & can be repurposed for teas or food

- Durable & easy to clean off

Cleaning Method:

Rinse with soap & water, then let it a dry before next use.

Material: Natural Wood (hand carved)

Measurements: 15 gram, 0.5 oz., 15 ml; 3.6 inch (91.4 mm)

Packaging:  Each Piece Individually Wrapped